About us
Kompak Group has been supplying plant protection products in the Udmurt Republic since 2000.

We launched sales in the Udmurt Republic but we expand the area every year. In addition, we annually increase the list of agricultural goods and services.

We grow and develop together to offer you the best.
What we do
Today, our business lies in several areas at once. We offer pesticides, services for seed and crops treatment and seeds selection for perennial grasses and their sales.

Our main task is to provide enterprises with high-quality goods and services, at the best prices and in a timely manner.

We don't just sell a product – we offer a integrated solution.
Our work begins with a simultaneous analysis of the cultivated area together with the agronomists. We help to make a crop rotation, we offer high-quality seeds, we think over the protection system, we select the optimal agents based on the customer's needs, we carry out pre-sowing seed treatments, crops spraying, and we control and analyze the development of plants.

And most importantly, we are under warranty obligations for the products and services provided.
Such a comprehensive approach cooperation with agricultural enterprises became possible thanks to the professionalism of managing agriculturists. They have a production experience and are annually trained in new plant protection systems and in using new agents.

Today, the staff of the agricultural department is 12 people. They are mobile, active and able to provide assistance and advice at any time.
We also have a shipping department of mechanical engineers, drivers and workers.

We provide services for seed treatment, crops spraying using 10 pickling machines, 17 sprayers based and installed on UAZ.

We also offer to purchase new sprayers or to repair and upgrade old ones.
We supply high-quality seeds for fodder and vegetable crops from the best Russian and foreign producers.

In addition, we sort and prepare seeds of perennial and annual grasses on our own on the basis of a sorting and drying equipment.