The KOMPAK Group provides comprehensive consultations on the cultivation of agricultural crops with the help of modern technologies; carries out breeding work on grain and oilseed crops. Since 2000, the company has been supplying plant protection products to agricultural enterprises of the Udmurt Republic and the nearest regions.
For 23 years of work, the KOMPAK Group has significantly expanded its field of activity: a plant for the production of vegetable oils - rapeseed and flax - has been built and is functioning, supplies are being carried out in Russia and in China; grain is produced - food and feed.
In combination with land processing, real estate sales, the company is engaged in landscaping, maintenance of power grids and electrical equipment, as well as the production of 3D fences and sandblasting of metals.
All areas of activity are developing in parallel thanks to the well-coordinated work of competent personnel. Today, more than 160 people work in the KOMPAK Group.
      Kompak Plant Protection
      Today, our business lies in several areas at once. We offer pesticides, services for seed and crops treatment and seeds selection for perennial grasses and their sales.

      Our main task is to provide enterprises with high-quality goods and services, at the best prices and in a timely manner.

      We don't just sell a product – we offer a integrated solution.

      Website: www.kompak18.ru
      Kompak Real Estate
      "Kompak Real Estate" has been working in the market for about 10 years.

      The company aims to sell agricultural, industrial and residential lands.

      We own land assets with a total area of more than 400 hectares. We sell land plots in Zavyalovsky and Votkinsky districts of the Udmurt Republic. The geography of the our activities is expanding every year.

      Website: компакнедвижимость.рф
      3D fences
      The "UralAgro" company specializes in the production of 3D fences since 2016.

      We specialize in the production of:
      • 3D panels
      • Draft poles
      • Components
      • Fence doors
      • Gates

      We offer a wide range of 3D panels for different requirements: panels with wire diameter of 3 and 5 mm, height from 0,5 to 2 meters, with different cell sizes.

      Fence elements are made of cold-rolled hot dip galvanized steel on European industrial equipment of the leading producers.

      Reliability, quality, easy installation.

      Website: uralagro18.ru
      Rapeseed Plant
      In 2019, Kompak LLC built new rooms for processing rapeseed seeds.

      The processing line includes:
      Storage facilities with a capacity of 6000 tons
      Seed pressing departmant is equipped with machines of the German company Florapower GmbH&Co.KG, Germany
      Petkus K527 Grain classificator
      MIG-24 Dryer

      The capacity for sorting and drying is up to 300 tons of rapeseed per day, and for pressing seeds – 12 tons per day.

      The department uses the direct pressing method which is widely used in Europe. The process is carried out without chemical solvents. As a result, rapeseed cake remains, rather than ground oil cake – that significantly increases the feed value of the product.

      Website: kompak-raps.ru
      Sandblasting of metals
      Our services:
      - Sandblasting of metals
      - Powder coating
      - Liquid paint
      - Welding service

      Sandblasting is an effective and cost-saving method of cleaning surfaces from paint, rust, oil burnt spots, and other pollutions.

      Abrasive blasting allows you to clean the old item in a short time and prepare it for painting. A huge advantage of this method is the ability to process hard-to-reach places of the structure. By increasing the adhesion of the surface, the service life of the products is significantly increased.

      Website: uralagro18.com


      The Kompak Group offers services in design, production and construction of hangars from metal structures.

      - Strong water resistance;
      - Solid metal structure;
      - Temperature resistance;
      - Long service life, durability.

      Areas of use:
      - Storage facilities;
      - Industrial spaces;
      - Cattle farms.

      Website: kompak-angar18.ru
      Spare parts
      Our companies Agroprofservis LLC and Soyuz-Partner LLC supply of a wide range of agricultural equipment and spare parts for it.

      We use various budgeting systems and provide warranty and post-warranty service.

      "Soyuz-Partner" LLC
      Website: soyuz-partner.ru
      8(3412) 50-50-08

      "Agroprofservis" LLC
      Website: agroprofservice.ru