Grow rapeseed together

Technology and Resource Support Program for the cultivation of high-intensity grain varieties
Drafting a business plan for the cultivation of rapeseed oil seeds, taking into account the costs and a fixed purchase price of the resulting crop.

Providing resources for a decent harvest:

  • Treated seeds (varieties and hybrids)
  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides
  • Complete fertilizer standards (ammonium sulfate, NPK)
  • We will accept rapeseed oilseeds at a pre-set price or on the market price.
  • We control the growing process throughout the entire growing season from seeding to harvesting.
  • There is a technique for spraying for timely protection of crops.
  • We have our own machinery fleet for transporting the crop.
  • We are guaranteed to buy all your crops for processing in our rapeseed department.
  • We sell rapeseed cake, and are ready to accept rapeseed oilseeds in exchange for the cake.