Matrix 430 Compact Navigator

The Matrix 430 is an easy-to-use, compact and inexpensive entry-level navigation system with a graphical screen, ideal for beginners. The color touch screen allows to operate the machine efficiently with minimal gaps and overlaps.
Matrix 430 Features and Benefits:

  • Universal GNSS navigator in a compact case.
  • The high-contrast 4.3" (110 mm) color touch screen provides excellent visibility even in bright lighting conditions.
  • Showing the offset from the movement path and two additional parameters selected by user (processed area, operating time, speed of movement).
  • The built-in high-quality GPS/GLONASS receiver is complemented by ClearPath technology that improves GNSS performance in areas with poor signal or in the absence of SBAS correction signals.
  • The optional RXA-30 antenna provides improved reception and noise filtering in cases of weak GNSS signals or obstacles in the path of GNSS signals.
  • Requires minimal setup before getting started.
  • Navigation modes: straight line AB, curve AB, circle, and last row.
  • The point return function makes it easy to resume work or mark interference in the area.
  • The field boundary creation function allows you to easily and accurately measure the area of the field.
  • The status (ON/OFF) for one or more sections can be activated manually on the screen or by using the status wire for only one section.
  • Audible alarm about the entrance to the treated area.
  • The counter of the processed area shows the value for the entire working time
  • The time counter shows the time spent on the current task.
  • The basic reporting functions provide coverage information in .KML and .PDF formats using the USB port
Konstantin Valentinovich
Head of Department