Processing of crops by multi-purpose universal sprayers based on the UAZ

We offer a full range of services to protect your crop from diseases, weeds and pests during the period from seeding to harvesting, – spraying of crops.

Advantages of the sprayer based on UAZ

  • Multitasking
  • Full-volume spraying
  • High quality of application of the solution to the plant
  • Mobility
  • Capacity up to 200 ha per shift
The operating fluid consumption is automatically adjusted depending on the speed of the sprayer due to the kinematic connection of the chemical system pump with the wheels. The sprayer allows you to make edge treatments in a short time and suppress the center of pest dispersion. Low pressure on the ground lets working on crops in the low phase without damaging the plants.

Crop spraying is carried out perfectly accurately without the use of signalers thanks to the GPS satellite navigation system installed on the cross-country vehicle.

Prices for crop processing services are specified in the price list.
Requirements for farms in the work organization:

  • Timely delivery of water
  • Organization of accommodation and meals for 2 members teams

During the spraying of crops, we guarantee:
  • High quality of work performed
  • Affordable prices, flexible payment system
  • Individual selection of optimal agents
  • Efficiency, timelines
Our specialists will come to your farm and carry out the entire range of work related to crop protection, including spraying of crops.

If you are planning to carry out any work with our participation, please make your request in advance.

Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfill most of the requests made during the season, so write us as soon as possible.
Konstantin Valentinovich
Head of Department