Low-volume sprayer upgrade

Mist spray equipment "ZARYA"
The equipment can be installed on any sprayer, even an old one or that has got out of order. You just need a material container in going order and folding booms. The spray material is supplied by an autonomous electric pump (operating pressure 0.7 atmospheres), no power take-off shaft is required. The use of a standard electrical supply system (12V) of the vehicle without the installation of additional generators allows you to use any vehicles as a tractor sprayer.
The equipment weight is not more than 35 kg.

How the equipment works is based on the use of low-pressure rotary type sprayers, which are rotated by low-power electric motors.
The equipment supports:
  • 1
    Provide treatment from 80 to 100 hectares (depending on the container volume) for one filling by providing spray material consumption from 10 to 140 liters per hectare;
  • 2
    Free up equipment for water delivery, save time previously spent on preparation of spray materials;
  • 3
    Increase the productivity of chemical treatment.
Contents of delivery:
Sprayers with a bracket, shut-off valve, and fasteners
Control panel with cable and electrical connector
Rotors assembled with collet
Stop valve with connections
Electric pump with assembled filter and cable
Sleeve Connector Kit
Sleeve DU 18
Connection to the liquid return container
Collector with taps, pressure detector, connections
Remote bracket
Set of neck-collars

Low-volume mist spray equipment "Raduga"

The use of low-volume sprayers allows reducing the cost of crops treatment, by saving on the water delivery, reducing the time spent on preparing the spray material, and, as a result, increasing the treatment area per equipment unit.

The kits can be installed both on old sprayers of any type and on a car additionally equipped with booms and a spray material container. All mechanisms are driven by an electric generator of 14 or 28 V, which is included in the kit.

The equipment sets are: "Raduga-4", "Raduga-5", "Raduga-6", "Raduga-7".
The set includes:
electric rotary sprayers
water container for system wash and process purposes
electric centrifugal pump
remote control
wiring system
a set of hydraulic equipment (shut-off valves, flow control units, etc.)