Slit sprayer upgrade

We offer you to upgrade your worn-out sprayers to world-class sprayers with made in Italy components, for a reasonable price.

For 16 years, we have re-equipped more than 180 sprayers in the farms of Udmurtia, Kirov region, and the Republic of Tatarstan and received excellent feedback from agronomists about the operation of the units.

Our specialists will go to your farm and install the equipment on-site within one day.

You can find out the prices for sprayer upgrading from the price list.
We provide
two types of sprayer upgrades:
Full modernization of sprayers
To carry out a full sprayer modernization, the following required: a barrel, a frame with wheels, booms.

All other attachments are removed and replaced with new attachments:

  • diaphragm pump providing pressure up to 20 atmospheres;
  • filter system (primary filter, secondary filter, individual spray filter);
  • pressure reducing valve with pressure detector;
  • hydraulic mixer;
  • sleeve wiring;
  • spray modules with shut-off devices.
Partial sprayer upgrade (boom upgrade)
For a partial sprayer upgrade, you need: a container, a frame with wheels, booms, a working pump, a working pressure reducing valve.

The old equipment is dismantled and replaced with the new one: sleeve wiring, spray modules with shut-off devices and individual filters (the filter system can be fully installed, by request).

  • installation service is included in the price;
  • guaranteed service life: sprayer 1 year; pump 2 years;
  • flexible payment system.
Benefits of upgraded sprayers:
High quality of treatment
Optimal drop size.
Easy and accurate adjustment of the spray material flow rate
There are no leak of the spray material due to the strong operation of the shut-off devices, that saves your money
When cleaning the filters at the appropriate time, the sprayers do not become clogged